Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Flash of Friendly Competition

So . . . it appears to be my turn. Hard to follow those Prize choices. Oh my WORD.

But I'll give it a try.

For my contest I would like to get a small taste of your writing. Don't panic. Just a small dose. 250 words or less.

In other words flash fiction.

Just in case you aren't familiar with the genre here are a couple of examples:

A stranger apeared from deep inside the woods. Elizabeth stepped back, glancing at the knife in his hand, the bow strapped to his back. Then she recognized the green feather in his cap, the hunting horn hanging at his side. She relaxed.
"I know you. You are a hero."
"No," he said "I am a man."

He fell off time, spiraling outside the space of existance and then back again, straight down onto the lap of an old man with spectacles lowered over his nose.
"What happened? Where am I?"
"Another time. Another place."
He took in a breath of amazement. "How? Why?"
"How the hell do I know. Get off so I can figure it out."

Rules (if they seem complicated in any way let me know and I will try to clear things up the best I can)

Put your piece of flash fiction in the comments as soon as you think of one that is as brilliant as you are. Leave your e-mail address with your entry so I can contact you if you win.

NEXT Thursday drag as many of your blogging friends as you can over to vote for yours. I will repost the entries so that everyone can see them to make their decision. Yes you can vote for your own. Yes you can have your grandmother come over just so she can vote for yours. Votes will be placed in the comments.

Whoever has the most votes will be sent:

an early ARC of MONARCH by Michelle Davidson Argyle


a signed copy of Cindy Pon's SILVER PHEONIX (so if you don't make it in L.T.'s contest and that's the one you wanted you still have a chance)

you see that? How I don't even decide who wins? It's all up to you. If by some fluke there is a tie I will do a drawing with the runners up

So write me something fantastic! I am excited to see where your mind will take us!


J said...

This sounds like fun! Here's my blurb:

She sat alone, feet dangling off the edge of the world. The wind tugged at her hair, teasing long strands of spun gold from the braid hanging down her back. She could feel tears trailing down her cheeks, leaving cool wet tracks in their wake, but she made no move to wipe them away. She preferred to embrace her grief.

It would be so easy, she thought. So easy to scoot forward several inches, to keep scooting until she toppled off the precipice and ceased to exist. But that would go against everything he had taught her. She could hear the words as clearly as if he’d been speaking directly into her ear. “The best things in life are the hardest. Fight for what you want most.”

She closed her eyes and inhaled, holding tightly to her most secret desire, visualizing it as if it had come to be. She exhaled, releasing her doubts and inhibitions on a tide of carbon dioxide. Carefully, she scooted backward and stood up. She had some fighting to do.

J said...

Oops, forgot to leave my e-mail! It's jadencoal (at) gmail (dot) com. :)

L. T. Host said...

Brilliant contest, madam! :)

Samantha Sotto said...

Konbanwa! :)