Monday, August 1, 2011

Excited Excited Excited

There's a lot going on at Casa L.T., folks. Man.

Right now I'm all hopped up on lemonade and Ben and Jerry's. Otherwise I'd be a melty puddle of anxious. There's so much coming up this week that I can't even seem to think straight, which is awesome, because I only have twenty kids I need to herd around a 900-acre zoo for seven hours a day.

But I'm actually ridiculously excited right now, aside from even the lemonade and ice cream. Why? Because we have two new writers joining us here at the Archives, of course! We will do their official introduction soon, but right now let's just say... you will LOVE them. Also, in case you hadn't noticed, K.M. Criddle gave us a brand-spankin' new look that's pretty sharp, if I say so myself. And we've got PLANS for the future. PLANS, I tell you!

All in all, things are looking pretty up-and-up around here! Stay tuned, Alliterati, and thanks so much for sticking with us through this bumpy ride called... life. Or something like that.


dolorah said...

Love the blog look. Way cool.

Oh Man LT; 20 kids, 900 acres, seven hours? There isn't enough Ben & Jerry's in the universe for that much work! What a brave woman you are :)

I'll drop by again to meet the new Authors. How very exciting.


Adam Heine said...

"...I only have twenty kids I need to herd around a 900-acre zoo for seven hours a day."

That's sounds terrifyingly like my daily life...

Stephanie Thornton said...

Very cool! I'm excited to meet the new authors!

K. Marie Criddle said...


Keriann Greaney Martin said...

Whee! Love the new blog look :).