Friday, March 4, 2011

Attack of the Shiny New Ideas

Now, I might be in the minority here when I say that I don't really get the "shiny new idea" syndrome. You know, that aching, soul-tearing feeling that THIS (the aforementioned SNI) is what I must spend my entire time on, that this SNI must overtake my entire life, that this SNI overrides any and all desires for every other need to edit, draft, or indulge in otherwise necessary writing.

I'm jealous of those that DO get SNI syndrome, though. You see, for the last two years I've been editing, scrapping, rewriting, hating, sobbing over, ignoring and then editing a total of TWO (no more) manuscripts. I know, right? Sure, I had the offhanded chance to write other things here and there, but nothing I was ragingly excited about.

But, as of last week, those two time sucking manuscripts are either dead or done (for now) and I am freeeeeee to write whatever I want. (For the most part.)

Come heeeere. Shiny New Idea! Come here! ::whistle whistle:: Here boy!

I've certainly got other things to work on, of course. Sequels. Previously started ideas. Heck, I've got two complete drafts I could start revising again. But nothing that screams: WRITE ME! DROP EVERYTHING AND WRITE ME!!! STOP EATING, NO SLEEP, WHAT ARE YOU DOING? JUST WRITE!

Then again, SNIs could be a lot like significant others: the right one doesn't come along just because you whine about not having one. I was single long enough to understand even THAT. (But not much else: what means you this "dressing up for the opposite sex?")

How's your Shiny New Idea treating you lately? How'd it come to you? Is it all encompassing or does it treat you nice by letting you eat and sleep?

Nathan Fillion understands Shiny. Maybe he'll give me an SNI.

Ooh. Dang, NF. You make me aim to misbehave sometimes.

UPDATE! I know it's down in the comments, but you MUST check out Kristan Hoffman's hilarious post on Shiny-New-Idea-itis! Maybe reading about how to deal with the problem will help me GET the problem. Go here: Thanks, Kristan!


Kristan said...

How funny, I JUST blogged about this -- in PSA form, because really, shiny-new-idea-itis is a disease!

Then again, if Nathan Fillion has it, I'm sure there are more than a few women who wouldn't mind getting it from him... ;)

Susan Kaye Quinn said...

Nathan! *sighs*

Wait, what? Were we talking about something? Ah, yes, the SNI.

You know I have one, and it's nibbling at my toes, but I have steely-eyed discipline skills and will keep the beastie at bay until my edits are done. Maybe just a week more ...

If anyone is looking for a Shiny New Idea, I recommend a six hour drive in the car, alone, through the cornfields to Wisconsin. That's where I dreamed up two book ideas, including my current SNI. :)

And CONGRATS on finishing all your edits/rewrites/smooshing!! :)

Keriann Greaney Martin said...

Aww, I love him. I love his current show, Castle. And he's a writer in that one!

I only have my one idea and it didn't hit me like a bolt of lightning, begging to be written. I was just driving home thinking maybe I should try writing a book, and my current WiP was the first idea that came to me. Maybe it had been brewing under the surface and I didn't even realize! I'm very excited to write it :). I'm starting to do some in-depth research before I really get back into it, which is more fun than I thought!

L. T. Host said...

I'm sorry, I was too distracted by Nathan Fillion to pay attention to the rest of your post.


Okay. Um, because they're often blue and covered in glitter?

Adam Heine said...

When I started this nonsense, I had 3 novel-sized ideas. I wrote them.

I had no new ideas for a long time, until I was about 80% of the way through idea #3 when I had like six. SIX!

To save time, I'm mashing as many of the six together as possible.

Mmm, Nathan.

K. Marie Criddle said...

Seriously, people. Is there no one more suited for the President of the Internet, Nerddom and Life than Mr. Nathan Fillion? I'm glad you all approve. And thanks for stopping by! Good luck with mashing and smashing and writing the sparkly heck out of your SNIs.
I'm not gonna jinx it but since writing this post, I've proven myself a bit of a liar and gotten a SNI...for a particular scene. So thanks for the inspiration! :)