Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Publisher Lessons: The Introduction

As many of you know, I'm the owner/publisher of an independent media company focused on the Punk genres. Primarily Steampunk for right now because, well, I know that one the best, but we're expanding into the other -punk genres slowly as time goes on.

To that end, I decided to start a series of blog posts here at the Archives elucidating the things I've learned from becoming a publisher of fiction, magazines, radio plays, and graphic novels. The second two are just getting off the ground, and the first two are a little bit further along.

I'm going to write these posts, starting with next Wednesday, about the things I've discovered as I go along running The Doctor Fantastique Company and the sorts of things I wish I knew before I started. These lessons will, I hope, help people who want to self-publish as well as the folks who are going through the process with a legacy publisher and want a little bit of a window into how that world works.

I'm also doing this because I'm still a writer at my core, and knowing what goes on "behind the scenes" has made me a better one in that it's made me more accepting of certain practices that publishers have. I still might do things differently, but I can understand why certain pathways are taken over others if I look at it with my "publisher" hat on as opposed to looking at it with my "writer" hat on.

I want you to feel free to ask me questions as well, so feel free to ask me anything. If it's not proprietary or I can't talk about it for whatever reason (i.e. it's not a 100% sure thing yet), I'll say that and just hold off.

I hope we can all learn something from these posts, and I encourage you to join the discussion.

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Court Ellyn said...

Looking forward to these posts! Thanks!