Wednesday, October 26, 2011

If you want something done, give it to the busy guy

Or at least that's how the old saying goes. I'm honestly not sure how that's supposed to work though, because lord knows I'm crazy busy and it doesn't feel like I get anything done.

However, this isn't supposed to be me whinging about working full time, and attempting to write fiction while also growing a media empire ...

It's more a curiosity as to how you fine folks deal when your to-do list gets entirely too massive. So ... how do you cope with a large workload?


dolorah said...

Procrastination, and card playing :)

Really though, you just gotta get through what you can, and let the rest go. I start with things that I can expect to complete, that way I have incentive for the others. I need that pat on the back, and there is still less on the pile.

And I'm not attempting NaNo in any form because I know I will fail . .


Linda G. said...

I crawl under the covers and whimper. *grin*

Adam Heine said...

It works because the busy guy always says yes (that's why he's so busy).

When my to-do list gets too massive, I break it down. Which items do I need to get done, and can reasonably be done, today? What can I put off until tomorrow.

I also say "no" a lot, but you already know that :-)