Friday, June 3, 2011

A fluffy post from someone who feels SO DANG FLUFFY

It's Friday! Another long-awaited Friday at the end of a far too long of a week. My kid is down for a nap, we're going to visit Grandma and Grandpa this weekend and my husband's off in dentist navy boot camp for a week (I know, really...what is that? He said they get rubber guns. Do those shoot rubber bullets? Is he learning how to take down hippies and give them mouthwash? I don't know)...and I am done with another huge project.


As a reward, this week I get to curl up with three (3!) completed manuscripts from three (I said 3!!) amazing writer friends. Guys, I know I've said it before but you people are INCREDIBLE. We put so much work into writing---studying blogs and craft books, rewriting and beta-ing and revising and drafting and revising and revising and revising---and you know what?

IT PAYS OFF. IT PAYS OFF BIG TIME. I'm no expert, but I know what I like and I am blown away with the level of story-telling brilliance I'm seeing from my amazing friends.

Honest, I have nothing else to add to the collective world of writing themed blogs today except this: KEEP ON TRUCKING. We are doing awesome. No matter how frustrated you get with the little speed bumps on your journey to first draft, revision, submission or publication, know that you are doing GREAT. Because you know what? You're actually doing it. The step from wanting to do something and actually doing it is a very large step indeed.

So be comforted in the fact that whereever you are in the journey of writing, you're ON THE JOURNEY. Take some time to pat yourself on the back. Give yourself a daily affirmation, give yourself an Oreo or go treat yourself to a really nice book/dress/suit/home entertainment system/puppy/small country. (And if you do the country thing, invite me.)

Yeah. You guys are awesome. Any big writing/reading plans for the weekend? Tell me truly in the comments: just how awesome are you? (Answer should not vary greatly from "the most awesome")


Queen 'Bina said...

My awesome levels have been all over the place lately. But the fact that my hubby left on a work trip and I've been alone with the kids all week and they are alive still PLUS I will be done painting the kitchen when he comes home tonight, puts my awesome levels at "super-duper awesome." School starts Monday so I won't resurface again until August. Maybe I'll be able to peek outside of my textbook long enough to do some reading. We'll see.

Susan Kaye Quinn said...

My awesome-feeling levels go up when I rub up against awesome people. Ok, that came out wrong. Anyway, the #LennyLeeFest has filled me with awesome-feeling today. #gofriends

Adam Heine said...

I am so, so awesome. Also tired. Very, VERY tired.

L. T. Host said...

*bites nails* I'm afraid to ask about said completed manuscripts.

I happen to know a lot of awesome people, as it turns out. You, for example, are WAY AWESOME. YAY!

I suppose I can be awesome, too. If you insist.

Peggy said...

Oh my gosh. I totally got an amazing, incredible, brilliant manuscript from an amazing writer friend to read this week, too! What are the chances of that? And I mean it is SERIOUSLY BRILLIANT. Can't-stop-thinking-about-it-whenever-I'm-not-reading-it brilliant.

And is it weird to think that dentist navy boot camp sounds like fun? I'm picturing laser tag with rubber bullets.

Keriann Greaney Martin said...

I'm feeling very awesome after my half marathon. (I know, I'm so late reading your post!) I can't believe 1) I ran the whole thing and 2) I'm barely even sore today. Wowzers :).

I have to agree - I finished a certain awesome author's MS (*cough* L.T. Host *cough*)!! Tackling that genre is no small feat!

Thank you for always being a great cheerleader. You definitely keep me motivated!!

K. Marie Criddle said...

You guys are all awesome. That's all I gots to say. I seriously belong to the coolest community EVER.