Friday, April 22, 2011

Blame all my typos on spotty cruise internet

Hi all!

Just a quick, prescheduled note from yours truly, hailing from a faraway, mostly internetless land: one of the most important things that I can do to improve my writing is just going out and experiencing the world. By land, sea and air! (Or by whatever method allows you to take the most notes.) So go out and do it! Go sail the high seas or have a backyard staycation! Let your mind ruminate on the thousand of ideas out there, ripe for the picking! Does that make sense? Oh, I'm probably too sunburned by now to care. Writing, ha HA!

Have you ever had a WIP idea come to you while on vacation? You know you have. Spill the pinto beans!

Remember to enter all the lovely contests down below! Books are for the reading and sharing and we love to do both here. Mmm...time for another pina colada.


Keriann Greaney Martin said...

Color me JEALOUS! Hope you're having fun on the cruise :)

Queen 'Bina said...

YES! I have! My currwnt MC came to me while visiting my parent's. I had to email myself a quick blurb on him so I wouldn't forget. It took me a few months go get around to his story, but I did get there.

The airport is one of my ultimate favorite people-watching places. People are always either at their best or their VERY worst when they travel (I happen to be a WONDERFUL traveler, in case you wondered). Yup. Seen a LOT of interesting things in the airport.

But I've also found some great ideas walking my neighborhood or playing with the kids at a nearby park. Just getting away from your daily routine a little bit can be inspiring.