Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Yet More Giveaway

Y'all must think we're crazy by now with all the stuff we've got to give away. Unfortunately, I don't have the same plethora of print ARCs lying around as my fine West Coast collaborators (stupid ALA being in California and not Massachusetts *grumble grumble*). So my prizes might include some e-ARCs as well as some new (-ish) books and maybe the offer to pre-order the book of your choice or something. Or you can just tell me what you want as your prize and we go from there.

First off, we've got the e-ARCs (some of them might not be suitable for all ages):

SteamPowered: Lesbian Steampunk Stories -- edited by Miss JoSelle Vanderhooft
Haywired by Alex Keller -- you can't this YA book in the States, as it's so far only been published in the U.K.
The Innocent's Progress short story collection, by Peter Tupper -- this one is Steampunk erotica, so be forewarned

And now here are the print books:
If you're still interested ... here are the rules (cribbed from L.T.'s post because they, well, make sense):

1.) FOLLOW US. Yeah. DO that.

2.) Leave a comment. will pick one winner.

3.) For EXTRA chances, talk about this contest on Twitter or Facebook or your blog or something. Leave what you did in the comments for one point each. Each tweet, facebooking, or blog counts as a point, so if you tweet multiple times, give yourself one point for each tweet, etc.

4.) From those extra entries, will pick a second winner. This winner will get to pick their books first, and the other winner will pick from what's left. Theoretically, the same person COULD win twice and get to pick FOUR books. But I'm hoping to spread the love a little.

Oh, and go back and enter L.T. and Marie's giveaways too!


Yiota said...

I really hope all those are international XD

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jayjay said...

Thanks for the giveaway!

old follower here~

J said...

Giveaways are so incredibly wonderful! :)

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