Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ow, my aching, plot-twisting back!

My apologies for not getting this post out earlier! Life took an unexpected twist this morning when, on the way to a fun-filled day of sledding with in-laws and friends, my back decided it was prime time to throw itself out again.

Sigh. Happy freegin' holidays. Ah well.

Nevertheless, spending the day flat in bed is somewhat of a vacation, too! While Grandma and Grandpa chased my kid around, I got to catch up on a bit of reading (finally some LEVIATHAN and BLUE BOY; both amazing so far!) and beat the stars out of a few Angry Birds, too. If not sledding, then perhaps this is the next best thing. Suck it, unexpected twist!!

Speaking of twists (I OWN YOU, SEGUE), in a read-through of one of my recent manuscripts, a sharp eyed crit partner noted that while the story moved along, it was slightly...well...BASIC. Storyline A wrapped up exactly where Storyline B began. Things were written well, but nothing really twisted. The plot was cause and effected to an almost frustrating degree, said he.

So revisions were made in earnest to "layer" the plot. And how does one go about doing that, besides writing the existing plot on ten thousand sticky notes and pasting them around the room a la crazy person? Darcy Pattison has an AMAZING eight part series on plotting, all found HERE. Part five specifically talks about sub-plots and plot layers with transition tips. Click it! Read it! Do it! I can't take your hand and drag you over there myself. Did I not mention my back??

In truth, the revision process on this layering is still going strong, so I don't have much to report on the success of my labors...yet. But rest assured, this back won't heal itself until something else is adequately twisted. Let's hope it's my plot. Not my ankles.

Merry impending Christmas, blessed Yule, Happy Holidays, Peace and Love and Cheer to all!

Side note: Were Calvin real, I have no doubt he'd grow up to be some sort of writer. I think this is just the type of crazy that hangs around in all of our heads.

P.S. Don't forget! There's still a few days left to enter both Matt Delman's awesome contest HERE or my grand book giveaway HERE! Doooo it. You know you want to.


Adam Heine said...

I love Calvin's snowmen. Though his physics are wrong on that car crash. I can't figure out how his body ended up on the hood.

K. Marie Criddle said...

Yeah, that's true. I like to think that the snowmen were having driveway handstand contests when something went terribly terribly wrong.

Adam Heine said...

LOL! You've turned it around, K. Marie. Now I love this strip even more!

L. T. Host said...

Ow--ch. Backs are the worst. :( Hope you are upwardly mobile again soon!

And dang, that's a sharp-eyed crit partner for certain! I always think I suck at layering the plot, too. And I sometimes take cheap ways out. Sigh. Working on that.

I need to emails you back btw. Sorry I'm slacking! And it's never a bad time for Calvin and Hobbes, can I just say?