Thursday, November 11, 2010

Helloooo! A bookly intro from K. Marie Criddle

He-hello? Is this thing on? ::FEEDBACK:: Gah!

Hi all! I’m K. Marie Criddle, here for your Thursday Alliterati Archives mind-massage. Let me honestly say how happy I am to be here, guys. Some of you know me as a writer, some of you know me as a drawg-er, some of you may know me as that chica who is a little too obsessed with unicorns. And I don’t hesitate to say most may not know me at all. And I don’t know some of you! No worries! We'll get right on that.

But I do know we were all brought here with a similar interest: snacks! I mean…WRITING!

Most of us that find ourselves here have a mild to wild interest in putting pen to paper or even just reading such, regardless of genre or style, right? So I thought I’d introduce myself in a bookish manner. (This is probably the place I could do it with the least amount of derpy looks.) And PLEASE do the same! I wanna meet everyone. How else are we going to get comfortable with one another over drinks and proverbial petit fours in this weird, giant cocktail party known as the internet?

If I could live in any bookly world, it’d be: HARRY friggin’ POTTER (JK Rowling). Wands down. Did you know the French word for wand is baguette? I have since imagined this series in a whole new delicious light.

Have any bookly friend: Falkor from THE NEVERENDING STORY (Michael Ende). I’m a sucker for mutts. And flying! And Jonathan Brandis, too, but that was a completely different story.

Meet any bookly villain: Miss “Two Slice” Hilly from THE HELP (Kathryn Stockett), mostly so I could nod politely, put away my pacifist tendencies for a moment and punch her in the boob.

Avoid any bookly villain at all costs: Lynex the Wyvern King from SON OF THE SUMMER STARS (Meredith Ann Pierce). I do not like worms. I’ll say it again: I DO NOT LIKE HUGE SEVEN HEADED WORMS.

Happily married, but I’d totally would have bookly dated: Giovanni from RAMPANT (Diana Peterfruend). Mmmm…Italians who fight unicorns. But only because he reminds me of my husband!! Ahem…sure.

So that’s me! What about everyone else? Thanks for inviting me to the Archives party. Let’s talk books and pick cashews out of the trail mix together.


L. T. Host said...

Yay! I'm so glad you are joining us :) I'm afraid my answers aren't going to be terribly original, lol.

Any book world: Harry Potter (wands) down for me too! Well, during the post-Voldemort era, ideally. But yeah. Totally. (That, or Middle Earth.)

Any book friend: (You'll notice a theme here). Gandalf. Dude's super cool, you can take him everywhere, and who doesn't want one of the most powerful wizards in the history of Middle Earth for a friend?

Meet any book villain: Hmm, this is a toughie. Villains aren't usually the sort of people I want to go about meeting. :( I honestly can't think of one at the moment.

Avoid any villain: Gah. I'm not feeling very creative today. Voldemort.

Happily married but totally book date: If I were still a teenager, any bad boy from any YA book, ever. As an adult: Strider from LOTR.

dolorah said...

Hi Marie: nice to meet you. Besides Harry Potter, I really haven't heard of any of those characters. But, I'm not a YA fan.

I agree with LT on the Gandalf issue, and kissing Aragon would probably cause a heart attack, but would be well worth it. Lets see if I can come up with some other answers though.

Book world: Pierce Anthony, INCARNATIONS OF THE IMMORTALS. Such a great mix of magic and science. Or maybe I'd rather live on Pern (Anne McCaffrey.) I'm sure I could impress my own dragon. Well, fire lizard at least.

Book friends: Tough one. I love elves, fairies, wizards, and warriors. And unicorns, of course. Pierce Anthony's Phase word had unicorns that tranformed to humans. I guess I'd be friends with any/all of my favorite characters. Way too many to pick a few, this would run on for ages.
(Well, now that I've answered the next question, Eddie from Stephen Kings THE DARK TOWER series comes to mind.)

Bookly Villian: Well, Hanibal Lector, of course. Or maybe The Walking Dude from Stephen King's THE STAND. Or Lestat, Anne Rice's INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE.

Villans to avoid: The Dark Lord (LOTR) naturally, and Voldemort. And Stephen R Donaldson's Lord Foul.

Totally Date: Well, I'm not married. Such an awesome list: Vlad Taltos (Steven Brust), Eddie (Stephen King), Alex Cross (James Patterson), Richard Cypher (Terry Goodkind), Odd Thomas (Dean Koontz), Pug (Raymond Feist). The list goes on.

This was fun Marie. Excellent introduction.


Stephanie Thornton said...

Welcome Marie! I loved your answers- I think I'd like to hang out in Percy Jackson's world. Chilling with gods would be pretty darn cool!

K. Marie Criddle said...

Ooh, I have to say I'm with you guys on a LOT of these, too. L.T., Gandalf would be a wicked cool BFF indeed and Donna, I would LOVE to meet Lestat, too! Steph, Percy has been sitting on my TBR queue for MONTHS...but even before reading it, I agree that a godly posse might not be bad at all.

Cheers! Thanks again for stopping by.