Monday, November 29, 2010

Call me Mrs. Non-Denominational Benevolent Bound-Paper Gift-Giver

So the holidays are pretty much here, people! It goes without saying that I love this time of year, even though I totally just said it.

I've been noticing a pretty interesting trend the past few years in my gift-giving. As I've started to write more, and therefore read more, and follow authors and other writers online more, I've become sort of a book-selector for various friends of mine. I have at least three friends who come to me when they're looking for new reads.

So when their birthdays roll around, and then the holidays, I've tended in the past to give these particular friends books.

This year, I'm finding myself thinking more and more in terms of books for everyone on my list: that Nora Roberts series for my mom. Introducing my niece to Percy Jackson, maybe-- she might be a little young for it, but I think she would love it. Something super secret for the new hubs because who knows if he'd decide today would be the day to click over and read my post (Hi honey!).

I've come to the realization that, more than just writing them, books are my thing. I will probably be known as the aunt that always gives books. And my friends have already started saying that they don't bother buying as many books around the holidays because they just wait to see what I'll get them. I love sharing stories that have touched me with the people that I love, and I love supporting authors that I know and adore. So come on, December, I'm ready to start sharing!

And rest assured, I will be putting quite a few books on my own Christmas list this year, too.

What do you think about books as gifts? Do you tend to give books for special occasions or not?


Susan Kaye Quinn said...

I'm a total book giver - always have been, even before I saw all the side benefits of supporting authors and the publishing industry. In fact, I'm blogging about that tomorrow (you totes read my mind!) :)

Unknown said...

Books are the most awsome gift ever, not only because they are fantastic in and of themselves, but because they are a shared experience and you get to discuss them over coffee later. Bookstores love me at christmas time :D

Susan R. Mills said...

Books do make great gifts. Not everyone on my list likes to read, but those who do will be getting books.

K. Marie Criddle said...

No question, I am the book giving aunt/daughter-in-law/sister. I don't think anyone in my family's gotten anything but a book from me for years. Maybe socks at one point for husband....but really, mostly books.

L. T. Host said...

Susan K.Q.-- Saw your post! Great minds and all that, right? :)

Taryn-- I know. Hope the hubby's cousin can stay sane working at B&N for a while!

I think I would live in a bookstore if they'd let me.

Susan M.-- Yeah, I definitely make sure to get books for the ones who like to read only. Something to consider, for sure.

Marie-- Socks are AWESOME too. I <3 socks. SOCKS.

Books, however, tend to be more entertaining over the long run. Tough call.