Friday, February 3, 2012

My Wisht Lisht

Welcome, beautiful new year! That started a month ago! Which is okay because I'm so behind on stuff that it's taken me this long to acknowledge the new year! I'm reminded of an OK Go (okay, originally by the Zombies) song that runs through my head every time I dare to start making resolutions.

Go on, this is worth a listen:

This will be our year, guys! And although it may have taken a while to get here, it's here and we're gonna LOVE it, right? Yes, love the ever livin' crap out of it. So here's my wisht lisht for 2012. If they happen or not is not the goal, but all that matters is that I'm working TOWARDS these goals. Any progress is success, right? Sure! Why not!

Ahem. Behold:

Be more proactive in my creative ventures, art and writing included: Sometimes I fall into the "I wish" stage of my artistic endeavors, like "I wish I could finish a book in a few months" or "I wish I had my illustration portfolio together." Well you know what? I CAN FIX THAT. There's so much we can't control in our lives, but there's a billion things more that we CAN. I aim to just PUSH myself, to get out there and DO those things I wish I could do, failure be noted and damned. Proactive: not just for acne anymore.

Completely ROCK the house at my new job: Teaching English composition to non-native speakers! Woot! Note to future students: I suggest not using as many exclamation points as I do.

Finish my 365 days of drawing with a bang (or a whimper, depending what I feel like drawing that day): I'm almost at 200 days now and despite the recent worker's strike my scanner is holding, I think I can do it. It was a tough goal to set and I've certainly stumbled here and there, but by and large I think my art is getting just a tad better. Fingers crossed for the next 175 days!

Learn some frigging Japanese: If I can't do it here, I won't ever do it. My inner 14 year old Sailor Senshi obsessed self would never forgive me.

Get into marathon running shape for the Nagasaki Marathon in October: I can do this! I did an 8 mile run today and despite not being able to feel anything above the knees now (the pain), it was rather nice (really?) Only 9 months (and 18 more miles) to go! (Oh dear.)

I have wishlists for things out of my control, too, like book deals and lottery wins, unlimited funds to travel and the like, but hopefully I can work hard enough on the things I can control to keep my mind off the things I CAN'T.

This will be our year, guys! Good luck and happy living!


Susan Kaye Quinn said...

I need a nap after reading your list. Srsly. You are major ambitious woman!! But I can totally see all that happening. Except the marathon, which I won't watch, but will be cheering you with my eyes closed. :)

K. Marie Criddle said...

Ha! Aw, thanks Susan. I can promise you that my eyes will be closed for at least part of the race, too. Gotta nap somehow! 26 miles is LONG. :D

Adam Heine said...

Re: Japanese. If at all possible, put yourself in a situation where you are FORCED to use it (we volunteered in an orphanage, for example). You'll learn super-fast.

K. Marie Criddle said...

Adam, really really good tip, thanks! I'm trying to find just such a venue, but the Navy influence here makes it so there are waaaaaay too many chances to cheat. Must...stay...strong!

Adam Heine said...

That's why the orphanage worked so well for us. The kids wouldn't LET us cheat. But when Cindy and I were alone, no matter how much we said we'd practice by speaking to each other in Thai, we got lazy :-/

Peggy Eddleman said...

Your posts make me happy, Marie.

Even when every single thing on your list overwhelms me (well, actually, I'm really TRYING to not let that first one overwhelm me), I still leave your post being happier.

K. Marie Criddle said...

Adam - Ha! I felt the same way in Taiwan on a mission for my church. It was all Chinese until I was alone with my English speaking companion. Baaahh!! :D

Peggy - DUDE, SAME HERE! Happiness abounds when reading ANYTHING by the amazing Peggy Eddleman. XOXO!

Keriann Greaney Martin said...

Wowzers, that's quite a list. Congrats on the new job! And wow, a full marathon? I've done the half and let me just say that you will have so much adrenaline on the day of the race that you'll do better than you think. Just make sure you have really good shoes!

K. Marie Criddle said...

Yay, thanks Keri! It's still a good 8-9 months away so I've got a lot of training to do, but I feel good about just making the goal. And heck, I figure if I can get it crossed off my bucket list now, I don't have to do it when I'm 60 or anything, right? :D