Friday, September 2, 2011

Please take a number, we'll be with you never

Today is/was an incredibly busy day. We found a house to move into, a car to drive to said house, and everything else befitting of a family having just moved to a new place. Hooray!

Everything came together today, but IT WAS A LONG TIME COMING.

Oy, waiting. Am I right? There's a song on the Shrek: the Musical soundtrack where the cursed princess Fiona sings about life locked away in the tower. She reads books to pass the time, she tells stories to her dolls and she just knows that SOON, her knight in shining armor will be by any minute. The song continues through three ages of Fiona until adult Fiona ends with a heartfelt, almost maniacal verse about "the waiting, the Waiting...THE WAIIIITTTTTINNNGGGG!!!"

But she's knows that knight will appear. It just happens a handful of years later than she wanted.

As writers, we're all waiting on something. An idea to come to us. A crit partner to get back with their suggestions. The agents to say yay or nay. The editors to say yay or nay. The publishing date. And repeat. It could get to anyone and turn you into a real Shrek if we're not careful (or if we're not one already.)

So how do you deal with the waiting? The best advice I've ever had is "JUST KEEP WRITING"...but sometimes we need to take time out to do other things to get your mind off of it all. I'm waiting on something right now and was really grateful for the distraction of moving to take my focus off of it. Now that we're pretty settled, I've gotten back into running. And tonight? Hula class! Maybe inspiration for another book is in there somewhere.

What about you?


L. T. Host said...

Yay! Your email earlier made me miss you guys seriously HARD but I'm so excited to see/ hear all about life in Japan!

Ugh. Waiting. MY FAVORITE.

Fingers crossed, madam. :)

Keriann Greaney Martin said...

Hula class? Heck ya! I took bellydancing once. Don't try to picture it - lol. *awkward*

I'd say, distract yourself with lots of sushi and Japanese culture. Fill your day with so many activities you don't have TIME to worry. Easier said than done, I know. You just have the perfect venue to lose yourself in exciting new things!

Fingers and toes crossed! Miss you!