Friday, July 29, 2011

Blogs are awesome! And a hearty "Stay Tuned!"

::peeks out from behind wall of blerg::

Hi? Hi, anyone there? Better yet, anyone had a free 12 hours and a new brain that I can borrow?

This post comes to you after a beautiful wedding (in which my husband, daughter and I all got food poisoning), a 5:30 am flight (that we had to wake up at 2:30 am to catch...and was subsequently delayed for half the morning), a missing pacifier (that had my daughter screaming for two straight hours at the airport) and a lost bottle (see previous).

So Friday and I are not partying today. Partying, partying NO.

BUT! Great changes are afoot at the Archives of the Alliterati! We got new bloggers joining us, new designs, themes and contests coming up next week. Survive the weekend with me and STAY TUNED for some great things!

In the meantime, tell me: what do you look for most when surfing about the world of writing blogs? Contests? Humor? Friendship? Critiques and camaraderie? Huge piles of chocolate and cash? An particular blogs (besides ours BWA HA HA) that are particular favorites of yours? Please share AND pimp out your own blog! I DEMAND SELF PROMOTION HERE, PEOPLE.


Peggy Eddleman said...

Holy cow that's a bad morning! Have you recovered yet?

I love exciting changes! I already love the new look-- I can't wait to meet the new bloggers!

Writing blogs... Hm... I'm going to go with humor, helpfulness, a personality I relate to, and of course HUGE PILES OF CHOCOLATE AND CASH! I mean, seriously. How could you turn down that?

dolorah said...

I took a day off from work last week for no other reason than I didn't want to be there. Told my boss so too. He said "Well, guess you better have a day off then." Awesome, huh?

Awesome like the new blog look here KM :)

I don't really know what attracts me to a blog. I think it changes over time. I like for a while, I move on, I return . .

I notice the same trends with my own blog. People follow, and maybe comment for a while, then disappear for a while, only to return a few weeks or few months later. Exploring the Blogverse is like taking an extended European tour; some places you stay a while, sometimes you revisit at a more interesting time.

I try not to get to set in a routine on my blog. I like to join new groups, write to prompts and blogfests, explore/shoutout resources. I've learned that only about 1% - 3% of followers comment on a post, and that percentage is in constant flux.

I enjoy your posts KM; and I'm sorry it takes so long for me to get back around here . .