Monday, January 17, 2011

I'm late! I'm late! For a very important . . . uh, blog post

Sorry about the lateness of this post, my peeps. Today has been a hectic day. Hubby's off of work, and we (read: I) got the brilliant idea this weekend to try and make the house look a little less freshly-moved into (I personally feel it's about time, nearly two years later). So off to IKEA, and then seventy-bajillion other furniture stores we went. And then we went back to IKEA. Because everyone knows no matter how much you hate IKEA, once you find something there that "will do," everything else won't. (That's probably actually just me).

The good news is, we will finally have a dining room table and chairs that match the rest of our dining room/ house. And a bookshelf that matches the rest of our furniture (which we need, given my recent ALA takings). And next are the bathrooms-- I am RIDICULOUSLY excited about the bathrooms, folks.

Just in case you're looking at the blog header in confusion, you're in the right spot. This is a collaborative writing blog, not a home improvement blog. But every now and then I like to take a time out from writing gab and talk about the other things I've got going on, because-- and here comes today's message, are you watching? Oh, whoops, there it went-- WRITING IS NOT MY WHOLE LIFE.

Gasp. I know. You are probably screaming and running around and tearing out your hair now, aren't you? (Even if you aren't, don't tell ME that. It's much funnier for me to imagine it this way).

No, there are definitely other things going on. Things like, home improvement. And two evil, miniature big cats that have devious aptitudes for trouble.

I've noticed that whenever I've got a lot of hope in something, the only way to stay sane and prepare for the worst (while I'm hoping for the best) is to distract myself. This is probably why I have so many hobbies. Which is why it's okay to admit that, despite the fact that writing blogs often make it seem that way, writing isn't my whole life. Because, as much as I love it, and consider it one of the things I am most passionate about, I do have other things going on. And those things keep me sane when writing has a lot of weight to it, just like writing keeps me sane when those others things are getting me down.

So there you have it. A totally insane, rambling, LATE post that hopefully makes some sense, because gosh-darnit, writing isn't all that's out there. We might make it seem that way sometimes, but that's mostly because we don't want people thinking they've got the wrong blog. You've got the right one. But some Mondays, at least, it won't be about writing at all.

What else do you have besides writing?


Unknown said...

If writing were the only thing going on we wouldn't have anything to write about.

Good luck on making your house look awsome.

K. Marie Criddle said...

Oh, the endless lure of true.

I love this post, L.T. It's seriously something I've thought about a LOT...what am I beside a writer? I think right now I have a lot to handle with a kid (in a body cast), but I've got my art and whatnot to keep me sane while writing and baby drive me otherwise.

I also pass the time by considering/applying for random reality shows. I'll win a million dollars someday and then this will all be moot. :)

L. T. Host said...

Taryn-- you always jump right to the core of it! I love that. I need you to write this synopsis for me... (just kidding!)

And yeah, maybe SOMEDAY we can even have a crit group meeting here. Gasp!

Marie-- IKEA is a trap. They suck you in, and then trap you, and you can't get out without buying very functional and mostly ugly furniture and kitchen appliances at reasonable prices. OMG they've brainwashed me.


*Ahem. Anyway, yeah, exactly. I usually refer to my horse as my "therapy" because when everything else is insane I can usually count on a couple hours out there to calm me down. And when she's driving me nuts, I write. When they're both driving me nuts, I buy furniture at IKEA and take on WAY too big of home improvement projects. Apparently.