Monday, August 16, 2010

Time for a bit of fun

It seems like lately, my blogging options have been:

-Complain about how I don't have enough time to work on my books


-Complain about how I complain a lot about how I don't have enough time to work on my books

I've decided to do something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT today and not complain at all. Except, you know, for the complaining I've already done here. Ahem.

Moving on!

Here's where you come in: tell me, in fifty words or less (or more-- if you think I'm actually gonna count, ha! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!) what you did this weekend.

Oh-- include this phrase: two-bit drifter.



L. T. Host said...

I'll start:

This weekend, I mailed my wedding invitations (YAAAAAAAYY!!!!!), attended some training, got my hair and makeup trial done, found a tailor to alter my dress, saw my horse, and had Chinese buffet food (two-bit drifter free! [I hope]).

Susan Kaye Quinn said...

This weekend, I watched the boys while the hubs took a 24 hour vacation, filled out crazy amounts of paperwork for school to start, and purchased a bunk bed for the two bit drifter that occasions our house (just kidding, had to get it in there). :)

dolorah said...

I passed by a two-bit drifter on the way to my parents house yesterday. Turned out to be my son. On Saturday I worked o/t at my day job and polished up my short story and sent it off again to Bewildering Stories. Mostly, I read the Weather blogfest entries.

That part was the funest.

Have a good day LT.


Joshua McCune said...

I was a two-bit drifter until I murdered the four-bit drifter... (okay, not true... she was a six-toed drifter).

wow, LT, sounds like you've had a bustling weekend.

SKQ... why can't we just put little barcodes on dem kids?

Donna, good luck with the submission!

L. T. Host said...

Susan-- AWESOME.

Donna-- Hope the two-bit drifter/son thing was a literary embellishment, haha. Best of luck with the short!

Bane-- My brain hurts. Ow.