Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Random Musings from the Dogpound

Happy Post Memorial Day Post.

- With this whole Twilight Saga and learning that a relatively unknown author got a 7 figure advance for Matched, I once again found myself wondering how soon it'll be before Mormons rule the world (assuming everything doesn't go all apocalypse on us). They've got exemplary missionary efforts, a strong breeding program, and are super nice (except when playing basketball). And due to their old-school family values, many LDS women tend to stay home to raise the brood, which allows for more writing time that more 'progressive' women might not be afforded... what's that phrase about the pen and the sword?

- This whole BP spill thing is terrible. I hope nobody disagrees with that. Two things that kind of confuse me:
    1.) why isn't the government intervening more (politics, legal issue?)?
    2.) whenever there's a disaster with multiple companies involved, some reporter digs up links between the companies (e.g., Exec at company B used to work at company A) and proceeds to chastise company A for hiring company B (for pseudo-nepotism, I guess). What's up with that? If I have cake, I sure as hell am gonna give it to the cubemate I know, not the one I don't. Kind of the inverse of that whole taking stranger candy point.

Sidepoint -- this isn't an easy fix. Know everyone's upset, and BP could have done more (more can always be done, just ask a perfectionist), but that's the danger w/ advanced technology... when shit goes wrong, worse shit happens (like that 'the taller they are...' line... this is one big chopped down beanstalk). Conspiracy theory #1: econuts destroyed the rig to engender further anger toward the big bad Oil Man. Conspiracy theory #2: Dolphins. Tired of getting caught up in fishnets, attacked en masse, bottle-noses at the ready.

- My wife got an iTouch recently and started farming (not farmville, but farmstory). I read that more than 1% of the world's population "farms." Like 80,000,000 people. Know I'm a bit late to the WTF crowd on this, but could someone explain the appeal?



Matthew Delman said...

What the stat's not telling you is how many of those 80 million are farming because that's how they subsist. I'd love to see that number.

As to why farm in developed nations, it's because there can be a lot of money in it if you go the corporate route.

My theory on why the government isn't intervening more is because BP is a British company, and thus there might be some sticky legal issues.

Oh, and I give it 20 years before the Mormons rule the world.

L. T. Host said...

I have no idea on the "farming" thing. I don't get it either. I have REAL plants to kill, thanks!

Kudos on the Mormons thing. THEY WILL RULE THE WORLD.

And don't even get me started on the oil spill and BP. Makes my freaking blood boil... I think the thing that ticks me off the most is that LA gave some coastal control to BP, and they are DENYING volunteers who want to help with the recovery effort because (I presume) they don't want people to see how bad the damage is. Ugh.

Davin Malasarn said...

The oil spill is so sad. It's one of those few things that I don't even want to think about right now.

JournoMich said...

Ok. I don't want Mormons to rule the world...I don't want ANY religious sect to rule the world.

I don't want the globe covered in oil.

I don't want to farm.

Anything else? Anything positive?


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Susan Kaye Quinn said...

Hey, when you figure out the elusive lure of farmville, let me know, k? I'm baffled.

Anonymous said...

This is a nice blog you've got here. A lot of good information to be found!

And who knows how long this oil disaster is going to drag on...

Dr. Heckle said...

LOL, That's a good point. I've been wondering when they will rule the world as well...

dolorah said...

Interesting Bane, wery interesting.

Now, go have some coffee.


Stephanie Thornton said...

I used to play Harvest Moon on Nintendo. I discovered that I actually like farming. It's addictive for some strange reason I can't possibly explain. You just have to try it.

Anita Saxena said...

I always wondered if the Mormons had some sacred secret to becoming a successful writer that they weren't sharing with the rest of us. But if it's really just staying home and having babies. Then how do successful male authors like Nicholas Sparks or Dan Brown do it? I'd prefer to go the route that didn't involve pushing a living a being out of my hoo hah.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate you visiting my blog.

Joshua McCune said...

Matt - 20 years might be a bit optimistic, but they do work fast :)

LT - gotta love the power of money and greed... sickening.

Davin - sorry.

Michele - I'm w/ ya on all counts.

SKQ - cashing in on crops before they wilt is far too stressful. That's what the day job's for. I'll never understand.

Amanda - Thanks.

DH - Love the handle.

Donna - I don't do coffee -- maybe that's the problem :)

Stephanie - I am not surprised :)

Anita - you crack me up.

Amanda again - Ditto :)

Natalie said...

Ha! The bit about "a strong breeding program," cracked me up. You're funny Bane.

I don't get the whole virtual farming thing either. It seems like a very weird thing for people to get excited about.