Friday, April 9, 2010

Alliterati Archives Roundtable the Second

Due to some real-life consequences, our regularly scheduled guest blogger (can you have one of those?) said he was unable to grace us with a post.

So instead we turn to this week's roundtable discussion:

Of the characters you've created, who is your favorite and why? 

Answer in the comments!


Matthew Delman said...

I'll start us off.

I have favorite characters in both my completed stories:

In CALLARION AT NIGHT, it's Commander Dmitry Radimov -- an explosives expert and former Royal Navy officer, who's from a country that's a thinly-veiled version of Russia. I gave him some of the best one-liners in the entire book. The Russian accent lends itself far too easily to those.

In SON OF MAGIC, my favorite Taryn Ayden of House Tamshar, the oversexed Elven princess who was banished from her homeland by her throne-grabbing miscreant of a brother, and happens to be dating one of the cat-men of the northern wastelands. She's also destined to wield one of the three Stones of Power. (Yes it's very traditional Epic Fantasy. Hush.)

L. T. Host said...

I, too, have favorites in each of my works.

For my first novel (fantasy) it was the water and fire wizard brothers, Forano and Voran. They were my cheeky comic relief and so much fun to play with. Love those guys. *Sniff.

For my second novel (commercial), I think it was the Sheriff. Not because I loved him, though, but because I hated him. He was so absolutely abhorrent and evil that it was hard to write him-- but he's my favorite BECAUSE he was such a challenge. My protag was obviously fun, too, but I think the Sheriff wins by sheer merit of challenge. He certainly doesn't win by morals.

Rick Daley said...

Mine is Rudy Toot-Toot because his story was the most fun to write. He's also top o' the list because his story is the one that landed me an agent, and the MS is currently on submission.

Next is tough. I really like the Troubadour, my antagonist in FATE'S GUARDIAN because he is very complex...evil on many layers, but still human with very misguided intentions.

In EARTH'S END I'm having a lot of fun writing Satan, who walks the streets of Manhattan and when he meets unsavory characters, he looks them up in his PDA to see if he already has a contract for their soul; if he doesn't, he tricks them into signing up. Another one that's fun to write.

Stephanie Thornton said...

I love writing Nitokerty, the protagonist of my second book. She's a little wild which is fun. I also adored writing Hatshepsut, but I was a little in awe of her at first. Then we hit our groove. :)

L. T. Host said...

Rick-- love that idea in EARTH'S END. Not that you'd have any shortage, but let me know if you need any betas ;)

Joshua McCune said...

The goblin prince, for sure -- the one from my darker version... because he does horrible things to survive.

And Loki - he's made several appearances in different stories. The reasons, are obvious to you who know me :) -- I'm sure he'd have a good ole time w/ Rick's Satan.

Roland D. Yeomans said...

My favorite character is in my entry for the Murder Scene Blogfest going on right now. Captain Samuel McCord, undead Texas Ranger. Check out my entry :

Anonymous said...

My favorite character that I have created is Crei, a war leader for a fantasy tribe I have created. I like him because, in a sense, he is unlikeable but... right. As a leader, he makes decisions that almost nobody likes, but are for the common good. Few like him, but he is an admirable leader.


Joshua McCune said...

Roland -- an undead TR who see foxheads on creepy women -- very awesome :)

Whisper, those are some of my fave characters -- the ones who do what they should, regardless of what others think.

Anonymous said...

Bane - aye, they are admirable in some ways, except when they are the kind who are too arrogant to listen to others' advice. Like all characters, mine is flawed; he does what he believes is good for all but his decisions are not always right.


Libbie H. said...

My favorite character is Mutnofret, who can kind of be described as the antagonist of my novel. I like her because of all the characters in my novel, she reacts to her situation in the most passionate manner. I admire that she doesn't hold back from expressing what she really thinks. And I think her situation, which is totally out of her control (in spite of her efforts to regain some control) is really quite pathetic and sad. It makes her, in my opinion, the most sympathetic character in the whole book.

I fully expect readers to hate her, though.

I also like Jeanne, an android "companion" I created for my John Muir character in an alternate-history/sci-fi short story I wrote not too long ago. You gotta love a lady robot who can analyze soil samples and play violin scherzos inside her chest at the same time.